Olga Luna studied at the School of Fine Arts in Lima (1962-1968) and then moved to Madrid to undertake research at the Prado (1969). She continued to travel and study in other European countries and in Asia, before settling in Paris in 1973.

After exploring different kinds of representation, Olga Luna incorpored abstract geometric elements in her works and, from 1985, regularly made use of clay in her compositions.

As a result of her work on materials, forms and light, she has been working, since 2001, with the theme of Harlequin.

Olga Luna regularly works in the Var, where she founded the Association for the Diffusion of Art in Action, an organisation which enables her to undertake artistic projects both in France and abroad which involve young people in socially difficult situations.

Données Biographiques

School of Fine Arts in Lima
Travel in Spain
Research at Prado Museum
Interest in Oriental Cultures
Travel to Middle East and TIbet
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